F5000 Australia’s Cars and Drivers

Philip Lewis

Matich A50 (1972)

The Johnny Walker /Jon Davison Matich has seen as much track action as any F5000 ever built. No less than 50 outings appear in the original logbook, including the 1974 USA L&M series. Raced 4 AGP.s with Davison. Previously owned by Graham Stoll, Peter Brennan, Ziggy Schuler, Ken Smith, Jim Boult, Russell Greer and Richard Bendall.

Richard Davidson

Bryan Sala

(Beaconsfield, VIC – 38, Race car prep/mechanic)
Made his motorsport debut at the age of 14 – in an F5000 Begg at the Mt Leura Hillclimb, finishing third. Won state and national (Historic) hillclimb titles, then went on to race at Bathurst several times, finishing 10th in 1991 at the age of 17. Returned to F5000 in 2009 in Bill Hemming’s Elfin MR8; acquired Matich A50 and debuted it at 2011 AGP meeting and has been a strong competitor since. Winner of the 2016/2017 Trans Tasman Formula 5000 Series

Matich A50 1971

Car won 1971 AGP, 1972 Gold Star (Frank Matich). Sold in 1974, raced by John Briggs, crashed at Tarrengower hillclimb. Bought less motor/gearbox by father Gavin and Bryan, painstakingly restored in original livery.

Richard Davidson

Andrew Robson

(Melbourne – 49, Builder)
Andrew has raced in various Historic categories for 25 years, the last 20 of those including F5000, using the ex Carl Haas Lola obtained in 1993 (see below).

Lola T330/2 HU8

Purchased from Lola by Haas Racing for Brian Redman in 1973.
Redman finished second in the USAC F5000 championship to Jodie Scheckter. Updated to T332 specification and retained briefly in 1974 season.
Imported to New Zealand by Ken Smith in 1975 and raced very successfully in both New Zealand and Australia. Ken won the 1976 New Zealand Grand Prix in the car. Other previous owners include Chris Milton, John Blanden and Bib Stillwell. Owned by Noel and Andrew Robson since 1993. The car has held lap records at Sandown, Phillip Island and Eastern Creek.

Richard Davidson

Paul Zazryn

(Melbourne – 50+, Importer, custom wheels)
Acquired his F5000 Lola T332 in 2010 and debuted in 2011. Started racing Superkarts in 1981; 250 International Champion 1986. Two seasons at Calder Thunderdome, then XJ Sprinter in club events. Built Mk2 Nb Jaguar in 2000, campaigned successfully in Historics, Targas etc since.

Lola T332 HU32 (1974)

Originally owned/raced by Evan Noyes (US) 1974-75, then stored. Bought by Tomy Drissi, raced in Historics 1994-98; purchased by Marc Rauchfuss 2004, raced sparingly until acquired by Paul in 2010.

Jay Bondini

(Melbourne – 50+, Design Engineer)
Acquired his first F5000 Lola T332 (has two) in 2009 and debuted in 2011. Jay raced karts for many years, along with road-race classic motorcycles and side-cars. Owns two F5000 cars:

Lola T332 HU43 (1974) – #10

Originally sold by Carl Haas to Hogan Racing, July 1974. Sold to Chuck Haines, St Louis, in 1977, then Bronco Brad Murphey in 1980, Arlon Koops, Denver, 1982, then Dr Ken Painter, Fort Collins, 1988, who retained it until sold to Jay in 2009. Past drivers include Johnny Ritherford, David Hobbs, Jody Scheckter

Lola T332 HU47 (1974) – #39

Sold to John Gunn US, 1974-76; then raced in Can-Am; retained until 1987; sold to Tom Frederick 1987/8, Bob Lee 1989, Tom Malloy about 1997.

Richard Davidson

John Bryant

(Macclesfield, SA – 60, Engineer)
Bought his Lola T140 in 2007, and has contested NZ Tasman Revival series in 2007/8 and 20011/12. Started racing in 1998 in Historic touring cars.

Lola T140 SL140/8 (1968)

Originally Jerry Hanson first formula A/500 car. Only car to be beat the Eagles in 1968. Won formula A/500 race at Elkhart Lake 1968.

Richard Davidson

Bill Hemming

(Melbourne – 60+, proprietor, Elfin Heritage Centre)
Having raced Mini Coopers/Jaguars, acquired his Elfin MR8 in 2006, and raced since at many Australian and NZ F5000 evertms, including AGP x 3. Bill has owned/raced a number of Elfins including 1960 Streamliner, 1970 600 Formula Ford, 1966 400 Repco Brabham, 1967 300 Coventry Climax and 1963 Formula Junior which has been raced throughout Australia, New Zealand ,UK, Europe USA and South Africa. Bill is undoubtedly Australia’s ‘most-travelled’ historic racer!

Elfin MR8

Was acquired in 2006 and has run at 3 Australian Grand Prix meetings, Eastern Creek, Sandown, Winton, Mallala, Phillip Island as well as 3 trips to NZ to Pukekohe, Timaru, Taupo, Hampton Downs and Ruapana.

Richard Davidson

Peter Brennan

(Melbourne – 60+, Racer/Restorer)
Started racing in 1970 and had continuous Cams licence. Raced everything from 500cc cars to F5000 over several years. Owning six, three Elfin’s, a MatichA50, a Lola T332 and a Lola T330. Current ride is the Shellsport Lola T330, raced in period by Lella Lombardi famous for her spirited drives.

Lola T330 HU18

Previously driven by Gijs van Lennep, Tony Trimmer, Clive Santo and Ray Allen for Shellsport Luxembourg (UK) 1974 and driven by Lella Lombardi; Shellsport Luxembourg (UK) 1975, currently raced in Lella’s colours.

March 73A

An Ecurie Santos Racing March, history still being researched. One of the three cars built by Jock Topin in period using all March components. Car is waiting for the right owner.

Tim Berryman

Lola T332 HU34 (1974)

One of the most recognisable cars of the era. Brought to Australia by Teddy Yip (Theodore Racing) for Alan Jones to compete in 1977 Rothmans International Series. Sold to Jon Davison following 1977 International Series, who competed in Gold Star 1977-1980. Many race wins, fastest laps and lap records. Various owners during 1980s before being purchased by Richard Davison in 1990. Substantial restoration over next 20 years. Raced by nephew James Davison at Phillip Island Historics/AGP support 2011 and Phillip Island Historics 2012 (new lap record).

Richard Davidson

Geoff Munday

(Melbourne, VIC)
Started racing in the mid 80s mainly in Sport Sedans, brief stint in Sports Cars with the JWS Chev. Later raced Nascar and Touring Cars, finishing 8th with Gerald Kay in the 1988 Tooheys Bathurst 1000

Elfin MR5B

Ex Garrie Cooper and John Edmonds

Beasy Family

(Lilydale, VIC)
Brian Beasy raced Motorcycles from 1952 to 1961. Raced and built cars from 1965 to 1976 in Formula 3, Formula Ford and Formula Libre. Raced Formula Ford and Group Nc in Historics from 1995. Sadly, Brian passed away in June (2013), but the car is expected to remain within the family.

Lola T330 HU23 (1973)

This car is the ex John Walker Lola. It was raced from 1973 to the end of 74 and crashed at Surfers Paradise in 1974. Eventually rebuilt, it passed through several hands before Brian acquired it in 1995.

Frank Harris

(Melbourne, VIC – 50+ Engineer)
Fell in love with F5000’s watching them at Baypark in New Zealand and decided as an 8 year old that he wanted one, Frank had to settle for a Briggs & Stratton mini bike for a few more years though before graduating to racing a variety of dirt and road bikes at club level. Raced an Escort for a number of years at sprints and Tarmac rallies before having the opportunity to purchase the Chevron B24 from Miles Jackson (Washington, USA) in 2014.

Chevron B24-73-04

Teddy Pilette won the European F5000 championships for Racing Team VDS in this car in 1973 and was 3rd in the Tasman series the following year. Frank is the 16th owner and only take’s it out on Sundays (and Saturdays and Fridays if there’s a practice day and….)

Rod Carroll

(Cattai, NSW, Tyre dealer)
Commenced Club motorsport in 1971 in an MGA. Moved to Clubman Sports Car open racing in 1974. Raced Clubmans until 1988. Finished racing car career driving a car of his own design and construction. Was actively involved in motor racing when F5000 was the dominant class. During this time Rod worked for Merv and Peter Waggot, at Waggot Engineering. Saw a lot of F5000 work come through and always dreamed of driving one!

Lola T140 (1968)

Competed in 1968 championship in USA. Finished as high as 2nd and 3rd in some rounds. In 1971 Phil Henny used the car as his spare car and thought the cars fifth place at 1971 Road Atlanta was the cars finest finish considering the age of the car and the quality of the field. The car raced until 1976, then had a number of owners until Rod purchased it in July 2010. It has been finished in the colours and configuration as raced in 1971.

Richard Davidson

Tom Tweedie

(Sydney – 27, Equities Adviser)
Raced historic Formula Ford from age 16. Former Formula Ford (State historic Champion), Formula 3 Australian National Champion, V8 Supercar Development Series (1 year), Porsche Carrera Cup 5 x rounds and now alternates between historic Formula Ford and F5000.
For more about Tom check out his website here

Chevron B24/28 1973

Initially driven by Teddy Pilette, won Tasman series in 1974 (Peter Gethin), before passing through many owners, eventually being acquired by Sydneysider Aaron Lewis in 2004. Competed at many Aus/NZ events, finished second at AGP event, sold (2012) to Robert Tweedie (Tom’s father)

Richard Davidson

Andrew Kluver


Lola T300 HU15 1972

Sold via Hass Racing, initially raced by Horst Kroll and Bert Kuehne before being converted to Can-Am spec in 1977, Passed through many hands, until acquired by Kluver in 2007 and restored to original F5000 spec.

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